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Article: The rhynchonellide brachiopod Eocoelia from the Upper Llandovery of Ireland and Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 34
Part: 2
Publication Date: June 1991
Page(s): 439 454
Author(s): E. N. Doyle, A. N. Höey and D. A. T. Harper
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DOYLE, E. N., HÖEY, A. N., HARPER, D. A. T. 1991. The rhynchonellide brachiopod Eocoelia from the Upper Llandovery of Ireland and Scotland. Palaeontology34, 2, 439–454.

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Biometrical description of large samples (N > 300) of the rhynchonellide brachiopod Eocoelia from the Kilbride Formation (upper Telychian) in the west of Ireland and the Lower Camregan Grits (lower Telychian) of the Girvan district, south-west Scotland, suggests the refinement of the stratigraphically important Eocoelia lineage in the upper Llandovery. The Irish and Scottish species have previously both been assigned to Eocoelia curtisi Ziegler. However, the Girvan population is significantly different from type and topotype specimens from Tortworth and from the Irish material. The Scottish form is accorded separate subspecific status, Eocoelia curtisi immatura subsp. nov., whereas the Irish form is included in the nominate subspecies. The Irish and Scottish subspecies are within the upper and lower parts of the range of E. curtisi s.l. respectively. Interpolation within the lineage confirms some of the established morphological transpecific trends and may permit more precise correlation within the upper Llandovery.
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