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Article: Poekilopleuron bucklandii, the theropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of Normandy

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 45
Part: 6
Publication Date: November 2002
Page(s): 1107 1121
Author(s): Ronan Allain and Daniel J. Chure
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ALLAIN, R., CHURE, D. J. 2002. Poekilopleuron bucklandii, the theropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic (Bathonian) of Normandy. Palaeontology45, 6, 1107–1121.

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Poekilopleuron bucklandii, described by Eudes-Deslongchamps in 1838, is one of the earliest discovered dinosaurs. Although incomplete, it is one of the best preserved Middle Jurassic theropods known from Europe. Unfortunately, the only specimen of P. bucklandii, housed in the Musee de la Faculte des Sciences de Caen, was destroyed during World War II. However, casts of some parts of the type skeleton have been found in the collections of the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris. These casts and Eudes-Deslongchamps' monograph are used to redescribe the specimen. Poekilopleuron shares one synapomorphy with the Spinosauroidea and we tentatively assign it to that clade. The possible synonymy between Poekilopleuron and Megalosaurus is examined and we conclude that Megalosaurus is a nomen dubium and that the name should be restricted to the type dentary.
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