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Article: Thelodonts and distribution of associated conodonts from the Llandovery–lowermost Lochkovian of the Welsh Borderland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 47
Part: 5
Publication Date: September 2004
Page(s): 1211 1265
Author(s): Tiiu Märss and C. Giles Miller
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MÄRSS, T., MILLER, C. 2004. Thelodonts and distribution of associated conodonts from the Llandovery–lowermost Lochkovian of the Welsh Borderland. Palaeontology47, 5, 1211–1265.

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Thelodont scales from the Middle Llandovery-lowermost Lochkovian of southern Britain are described with three new taxa, Loganellia? unispinata sp. nov., Nethertonodus prodigialis gen. et sp. nov. and Paralogania tarranti sp. nov. established, and Paralogania kaarmisensis Marss identified for the first time from Britain. Thelodonts are rare in the Llandovery and Wenlock series where predominantly Loganellia cf. aldridgei Turner, Loganellia scotica (Traquair) and Thelodus sp. are accompanied by coniform conodonts Panderodus Ethington, Decoriconus Cooper and Dapsilodus obliquicostatus (Branson and Mehl). The majority of the material has been recovered from the Ludlow and Pridoli series. Thelodus laevis (Pander) and Paralogania martinssoni (Gross) occur in the lower Gorstian. Paralogania kaarmisensis and Phlebolepis elegans Pander come from the Upper Gorstian-Lower Ludfordian and are associated with the zonal conodont Polygnathoides siluricus Branson and Mehl in the upper Gorstian. Thelodus parvidens Agassiz and T. trilobatus Hoppe dominate in the Upper Ludfordian in association with the rarer zonal conodonts Ozarkodina snajdri (Walliser), O. crispa (Walliser) and O. remscheidensis eosteinhornensis (Walliser). The basal Pridoli Series indicates a change to a thelodont fauna dominated by Paralogania ludlowiensis (Gross) and including Nethertonodus prodigialis. Higher in the Pridoli Series, a succession in faunas includes Katoporodus cf. timanicus (Karatajumte-Talimaa), Paralogania tarranti, Loganellia? unispinata and Goniporus alatus (Gross). In the highest Pridoli beds Paralogania kummerowi (Gross) and Loganellia cuneata (Gross) can be traced before the incoming of the lowermost Devonian taxon Turinia pagei (Powrie) along with Nikolivia gutta Karatajumte-Talimaa. Correlations with the Baltic are suggested from the Lower Ludlow, Upper Silurian, up to the Lower Lochkovian, Lower Devonian.
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