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Article: A new elasmobranch assemblage from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 49
Part: 3
Publication Date: May 2006
Page(s): 547 555
Author(s): Henri Cappetta, Eric Buffetaut, Gilles Cuny and Varavudh Suteethorn
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CAPPETTA, H., BUFFETAUT, E., CUNY, G., SUTEETHORN, V. 2006. A new elasmobranch assemblage from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand. Palaeontology49, 3, 547–555.

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The discovery of a new elasmobranch assemblage from the Lower Cretaceous of Thailand allows expansion of the faunal list and refinement of our knowledge of the dental morphological features of some previously described taxa. The root morphology of Thaiodus is now known and a more complete description of the dentition of the genus Heteroptychodus, known formerly by a single tooth from Japan, is given. A new genus and species, Acrorhizodus khoratensis, characterized by teeth of very special morphology is described. Besides these taxa, some teeth of a genus probably close to Hybodus, but with more bulbous teeth, are present. Owing to the sedimentological characters of the deposits and the associated fauna (dinosaurs), it is probable that this elasmobranch fauna lived in a freshwater or brackish environment. The simultaneous occurrence of teeth of Heteroptychodus in Thailand and Japan favours the existence of a large continental area in south-east Asia during the Early Cretaceous.
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