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Article: A haplolepid fish fauna in the Early Pennsylvanian of Nova Scotia

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1962
Page(s): 22 29
Author(s): Donald Baird
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BAIRD, D. 1962. A haplolepid fish fauna in the Early Pennsylvanian of Nova Scotia. Palaeontology5, 1, 22–29.

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A skull roof of the palaeoniscoid fish Haplolepis (Parakaplolepis) aff. anglica from the Lower Penn-sylvanian near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, provides the earliest record of the Haplolepidae and the first from Canada. The subgenus ranges from middle Westphalian A to late Westphalian D. A small Gyracanthus spine confirms the survival of this acanthodian genus into Pennsylvanian time in North America. The associated fauna includes palaeoniscoids, crossopterygians, and fresh-water arthropods.Conflicting citations of haplolepid type specimens from Linton, Ohio, are pointed out, and overlooked but prior designations are noted.
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