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Article: The cuticle of some Middle Silurian ceratiocaridid Crustacea from Scotland

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1962
Page(s): 30 51
Author(s): W. D. Ian Rolfe
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ROLFE, W. D. 1962. The cuticle of some Middle Silurian ceratiocaridid Crustacea from Scotland. Palaeontology5, 1, 30–51.

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Well-preserved specimens of the Scottish Valentian phyllocarid Ceratiocaris papilio Salter and a giant form almost 2 feet long have been collected from concretions in the Ree Burn Formation of the Hagshaw Hills inlier. The cuticle of the crustaceans is preserved in cellophane, partially replaced by calcite. Moniliform ? porecanals, laminae, Balkenlagen, and prisms can be recognized in preparations of this exoskeletal cuticle, but no major stratifications are preserved. Tubules attributable to aquatic thallophyte perforants penetrate the cuticle, and other microstructures of doubtful origin are described. Reference is made to other fossil arthropod cuticles and reinterpretation of some of the described microstructures is attempted.
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