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Article: The Triassic fish Saurichthys krambergeri Schlosser

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 5
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1962
Page(s): 344 354
Author(s): John Griffith
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GRIFFITH, J. 1962. The Triassic fish Saurichthys krambergeri Schlosser. Palaeontology5, 2, 344–354.

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This paper gives a detailed account of the unique holotype of Sauuchthys krambergeri. A figure of this specimen was published as long ago as 1918 but, apart from a brief reference to it by Stensio, it has not previously been described. The illustrations include an attempted reconstruction of the skull. The structure of the teeth shows that some of Stensio's views concerning the teeth of saurichthyids are no longer tenable, and it is concluded that there are no characters which enable species to be referred to the genus Saurichthys solely on the basis of tooth structure. The relationship of the angular and dentary bones is compared with the condition in other species of Saurichthys and in the genus Saurorhynchus. The reduction in the squamation and the large size are discussed.
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