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Article: The Late Triassic black shales of the Guanling area, Guizhou Province, South-West China: a unique marine reptile and pelagic crinoid fossil Lagerstätte

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 51
Part: 1
Publication Date: January 2008
Page(s): 27 61
Author(s): Wang Xiaofeng, Gerhard H. Bachmann, Hans Hagdorn, P. Martin Sander, Gilles Cuny, Chen Xiaohong, Wang Chuanshang, Chen Lide, Cheng Long, Meng Fansong and Xu Guanghong
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XIAOFENG, W., BACHMANN, G. H., HAGDORN, H., SANDER, P., CUNY, G., XIAOHONG, C., CHUANSHANG, W., LIDE, C., LONG, C., FANSONG, M., GUANGHONG, X. 2008. The Late Triassic black shales of the Guanling area, Guizhou Province, South-West China: a unique marine reptile and pelagic crinoid fossil Lagerstätte. Palaeontology51, 1, 27–61.

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