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Article: On Glyptograptus dentatus (Brongniart) and some allied species

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 6
Part: 4
Publication Date: December 1963
Page(s): 665 689
Author(s): O. M. B. Bulman
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BULMAN, O. M. B. 1963. On Glyptograptus dentatus (Brongniart) and some allied species. Palaeontology6, 4, 665–689.

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The original specimens of Brongniart's Fucoides dent at us can no longer be traced and must be assumed lost. It is therefore proposed that one of the originals of Hall's Diplograptus pristiniformis be taken as the neo-type, and the species is defined with reference to this and redescribed. A new species believed related to G. dentatus is described from the Arenig rocks of Britain; G. austrodentatus Harris and Keble is redescribed; and four new varieties are recognized from Britain, Scandinavia, and North America. The relations of the G. dentatus and G. austrodentatus groups are discussed, and three other British species are described (two new and one new to Britain) which, though previously identified as G. dentatus, are here assigned to different genera.
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