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Article: Tetrapterites visensis—a new spore-bearing structure from the Lower Carboniferous

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 7
Part: 1
Publication Date: April 1964
Page(s): 64 71
Author(s): H. J. Sullivan and A. F. Hibbert
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SULLIVAN, H. J., HIBBERT, A. F. 1964. Tetrapterites visensis—a new spore-bearing structure from the Lower Carboniferous. Palaeontology7, 1, 64–71.

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Tetrapterites visensis gen. et sp. nov. is the name given to examples of a spore-bearing structure from two Lower Carboniferous shales. A spore tetrad is enclosed by a non-cellular membrane of basic tetrahedral shape with wing-like appendages at the apices. These apical modifications (herein designated skiadions) are also found as separate entities in the assemblages and resemble saccate spores. Detailed descriptions of the Tetrapterites capsule and component parts are given and an attempt is made to explain its unusual organization.
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