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Article: The tabulate coral genus Cystihalysites from Wenlock and Dudley

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 7
Part: 3
Publication Date: September 1964
Page(s): 452 457
Author(s): I. D. Sutton
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SUTTON, I. D. 1964. The tabulate coral genus Cystihalysites from Wenlock and Dudley. Palaeontology7, 3, 452–457.

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Examination of halysitid corals from the Wenlock Limestone of Shropshire and Worcestershire has revealed a number of colonies with large corallites. These are referred to Cystihalysites, a genus which has not previously been recorded from Britain. Its diagnosis is discussed, and two new species C. westwoodensis and C. blakewayensis are described.
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