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Article: Ostracoda from the Upper Tealby Clay (Lower Barremian) of South Lincolnshire

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 9
Part: 2
Publication Date: July 1966
Page(s): 208 219
Author(s): P. Kaye and D. Barker
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KAYE, P., BARKER, D. 1966. Ostracoda from the Upper Tealby Clay (Lower Barremian) of South Lincolnshire. Palaeontology9, 2, 208–219.

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Thirty-two species and subspecies of Ostracoda are recorded frofh the Upper Tealby Clay (Lower Barremian) at Dalby Hill, South Lincolnshire. Three species, Cytherelloidea dalbyensis, Amphicytherura bartensteini and Orthonotacythere problematica are considered new; two species are left under open nomenclature. Abundance data are given, and the ranges of the species in other British Lower Cretaceous formations are shown.
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