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Article: Vascoceratid ammonites from the type Turonian

Publication: Palaeontology
Volume: 22
Part: 3
Publication Date: July 1979
Page(s): 665 683
Author(s): W. J. Kennedy and C. W. Wright
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KENNEDY, W. J., WRIGHT, C. W. 1979. Vascoceratid ammonites from the type Turonian. Palaeontology22, 3, 665–683.

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Vascoceralid ammonites are not uncommon in the earliest mid Turonian fauna of the stratotype in Touraine, France, in marked contrast to their general scarcity elsewhere in the north-west European Cretaceous. Present are numerous Neoptychites cephalotus (Courtiller) (of which N. telinga (Stoliczka), N. xetra (Stoliczka), N. telingaeformis (Solger)), N. crassus (Solger), N. perovalis Von Koenen. and N. gourguechoni Pervinquiere are considered synonyms), rare N. xetriformis Pervinquiere, Fagesia rudra (Stoliczka), and Vascocerus sp. juv. These occurrences are discussed in terms of the north-south correlation of Boreal collignoniceratid and Tethyan vasco-ceratid faunas, especially those of the Iberian Peninsula, where they characterize Zones VI-VII of Wiedmann's (1959, 1964) standard sequence.
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